Degree programs

PaDI Divemaster

 Course hours 

Open Water Diver                    50

Advanced Open Water Diver 50 Emergency First Response   10

Rescue Diver                          100

Enriched Air Nitrox                 15

Deep Diver                                15

Equipment Specialist             15

Night Diver                               15

Wreck Diver                              15

DiveMaster                             250


Total Hours                            535

Weeks Short                            13

Weeks Long                             24

The Professional PADI Divemaster course provides the basic skills of an Open Water Scuba Diver and progresses the student through more advanced certifications and skill levels to become a Professional Divemaster capable of leading dive adventures for dive operations worldwide.
In addition, over the duration of this program, students will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights by way of peer education, practice sessions, and workshops designed to develop professional diving skills. Students will complete five selected specialties providing them the necessary skills to lead dives in all dive environments as well as valuable real-world experience necessary to market themselves as professional divers. Instructors will provide feedback based on their knowledge and experiences and help mold individual training style.
Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive ten certifications from PADI, to include their Divemaster rating. The Divemaster certification allows professionals to conduct the following: 

1. Supervise training and non-training related activities by planning, organizing and directing dives 

2. Conduct the PADI Skin Diver course and PADI Discover Snorkeling program 


3. Conduct the PADI Discover Local Diving 4. Conduct the PADI Scuba Review (PADI Reactivate) program

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program

course Hours

Assistant Instructor                        50

Emerg First Response Instructor 10

Instructor Develop. Course          120

Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor       15

Deep Specialty Instructor               15

Wreck Specialty Instructor            15

Night Specialty Instructor              15

Emergency Oxygen Instructor       15 



Total Hours                                     255

Weeks Short                                        6

Weeks Long                                      12

Prerequisite: PADI Divemaster

This program will expand on students’ diving, leadership, and instruction skills and teach them how to become safe and effective PADI instructors.  This program also gives the students the opportunity to put their teaching skills to practical use while they work on the PADI Specialty Instructor ratings required to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, which students will receive a certificate for upon successful completion of this program.  Students must also complete an Instructor Evaluation with PADI to receive their Instructor rating from the certifying agency, this course does not guarantee passing the examination and any additional attempts are at the cost of the student.  Tuition for this program includes the cost of the fee for the Open Water Scuba Instructor rating and all the specialty instructor ratings.
TDH's PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer program sets students apart as dive instructors who take continuing education seriously and are committed to teaching a variety of courses.  Master Scuba
Diver Trainers are one of the most in demand instructor ratings at resorts around the world and the MSDT rating signifies the experience and certifications needed to offer all the training and instruction a prospective diver needs to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Advanced Recreational Trimix Supervisor Program

Course hours

Open Water Diver Elective             50

-OW Nitrox Diver - Back Mounted 

-OW Nitrox Diver - Sidemount 

-Recreational CCR Diver + Nitrox Diver

 Adv Open Water Diver Elective    25

-AOW Diver - Back Mounted  AOW 

-Diver - Sidemount  AOW Diver - CCR

 Rescue Diver Elective                   150

-RES Diver - Back Mounted 

-RES  Diver - Sidemount  RES Diver -


CCR  Emergency First Aid,

CPR, Oxygen Administrator           10


Deep Diver Elective                          25

-Deep Diver - Back Mounted  Deep

-Diver - Sidemount  Recreational Rebreather Deep Diver  Advanced


Rec Trimix Diver Elective                10

-ADV REC Trimix Diver - Back   Mounted  ADV -REC Trimix Diver - Sidemount  ADV REC

-Trimix Diver + CCR Diver 


Adv Rec Trimix Supervisor             80


Total Hours                                     275

Weeks Short                                        7

Weeks Long                                      13

Prerequisite: Must be 18 years of age

A Supervisor is a similar rating to Divemaster, but the student gains more experience and the ability to lead more advanced dives which is an in-demand skill for technical divers.  TDH believes in incorporating skills and stress management into every diving course to develop safe divers, DiveMasters, and instructors. The Advanced Recreational Trimix Supervisor Program has three tracks for students—as determined by the electives the student chooses— between back mounted (traditional SCUBA), Sidemount, and Closed Circuit Rebreather. This program results in students receiving an Advanced Recreational Trimix Supervisor rating with an optional specialty in Sidemount or Closed-Circuit Rebreather.
Closed Circuit Rebreathers are becoming increasingly popular with recreational divers because they open new and exciting options to dive deeper and/or longer.  As a result, there is a growing demand for Closed Circuit Rebreather Supervisors who can lead dives at resort locations around the world.  Likewise Sidemount diving is becoming increasingly popular around the world with both recreational and technical divers due to its numerous benefits both for streamlining a diver’s gear outfit as well as decreasing physical strain on a diver’s back. MDD’s Advanced Recreational Trimix Supervisor program takes a student with no dive experience and gives students the confidence and skills necessary to lead dives at greater depths and with greater skill, exceeding the industry standards.  

Advanced Nitrox Instructor

Course hours

 Dry Suit Diver                                      50

Advanced EANx Instructor Development Program                     120

Equipment Technician Course          60 Trimix Gas Blender                              24

Gas Blender Instructor                       12


Total Hours                                         266

Weeks Short                                            7

Weeks Long                                           12

Prerequisite: Must be 18 years of age upon starting instructor course.  If a student is already an instructor, with any agency, they will only be required to take any courses not covered under that program.


TDH's Advanced Nitrox Instructor Program takes students certified supervisor (or equivalent) and turns them into confident instructors who can teach traditional back mount and side mount diving configuration certifications at greater depths. This program utilizes both classroom and extensive in-water skills development.  TDH believes in incorporating skills and stress management into every diving course to develop safe divers, and professionals. As students advance through the program, they will have opportunities to assist in instruction and develop their skills while receiving constant feedback from our course directors and instructors.
This course also includes certification as an equipment technician, gas blender, and gas blender instructor ratings. These ratings are very highly valued in the dive industry and is a vital skill for independent technical divers who likely will not have a readily available maintenance technician or blender.
Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive their Advanced Nitrox Instructor rating and certificate from the certifying agency.  They will also receive their Dry Suit Diver, Equipment Technician, Trimix Gas Blender, and Gas Blender Instructor Ratings.

Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor for Graduated Supervisors Program

Course hours

CCR Normoxic Trimix Diver                50 CCR Repair Technician Course          25 CCR Instructor Devt. Course            120
Weeks Short                                           5

Weeks Long                                            9

As closed-circuit rebreathers become more popular in the recreational market, there is growing demand for closed circuit rebreather instructors.  Closed circuit diving is unique in comparison to open circuit diving because instructors can only teach the specific closed circuit rebreather model they are certified to instruct.  Over the course of program students will learn how to safely and competently instruct and service their chosen closed-circuit rebreather model, lead students on dives to 200 feet on Normoxic Trimix, and naturally progress in their skills and confidence until they are ready to become closed circuit rebreather instructors in accordance with industry standards.
Because closed circuit rebreather diving is more dangerous than open circuit diving,TDH’s standards for the CCR Instructor Program are extremely stringent to ensure only highly competent divers are submitted for certification to the certification agency and the rebreather manufacturer.  Prospective students should note
that they must achieve a score of 95% on every skill and test in the Instructor Development Course in order to be submitted to the certification agency and the manufacturer for approval as an instructor.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive their Normoxic Trimix diver certification, and their CCR Instructor rating, and manufacturer certificate for their model of rebreather.


Normoxic Trimix CCR Instructor Program

Course hours

 CCR Trimix Diver                                  50 CCR Normoxic Trimix Instructor        75



Total Hours                                          125


Weeks Short                                            3

Weeks Long                                             6

Prerequisites:  Must be a CCR Instructor, must have 2 years teaching experience and must have logged at least 300 dives


This program is for students who want to instruct closed circuit rebreather divers on how to dive up to 333 feet.  Dives at these greater depths open new terrain and less explored dive sites, but it also requires greater responsibility and training to instruct divers safely to this depth.  This program will give students the confidence and skills necessary to be a successful CCR Normoxic Trimix instructor at dive locations around the world.  To enroll in this program, students must already have one of the six closed circuit rebreather models that MDD offers in its other programs and be an instructor for that model.  Upon successful
completion of this program, students will receive their CCR Normoxic Trimix Instructor rating and certificate from the certification agency for their model of rebreather.


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